We would be happy to provide you with a free quote or budget estimate on your dismantle project. In order to do this we will need some basic information.

Oglesby IL 012

Many factors can impact the cost of a demolition project. For example, height affects our crane cost, site condition can influence labor cost, and the size and type of tank impacts scrap value. Also a tank that can be tipped, or does not need a crane can be a substantial cost savings to you. Therefore the more accurate the information you supply, with the aid of our survey sheet, and a detailed site drawing; the better we will be able to provide a precise quote.Iseler Demolition Crew


Site Drawing – This is the most important piece of information. 

  • An overhead site drawing with approximate distances from the tank to buildings, trees, or any utilities above or below ground. This tells us whether or not we will need a crane and if sparks may damage anything in the surrounding area. Also inform us of any current or future site plans/changes.  A site drawing can be as simple as a hand drawn sketch. Please refer to our examples below.
  • Fax site sketch to 989.428.4689 or upload via survey sheet.

                     PDF Example      –      Microsoft Word Example


Survey Sheet – Click to complete.

Pictures/Drawings – These are not required for a quote but are always helpful.

“Every step of the process from bidding through completion was handled very professionally. Your bid proposal package was the most thorough I have ever received, your pre-planning documentation was well thought out and communicated, and the actual demolition was nothing less than amazing.”
Detroit Diesel, Detroit, MI
– 250,000 gallon Elevated Tower

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